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The Problem

Meetings are essential, but our current options - in-person or live video - aren't flexible enough for the modern world in which co-workers and customers are global, remote, and working across every time zone.

Pain Points
  • Scheduling around time zones and crowded calendars delays every single meeting days or weeks.
  • Communication has devolved into back-to-back meetings and an endless and disruptive storm of messages and notifications.
  • As the number of tools grow, more time is spent managing them and less time is spent getting work done.
  • Messages are used where meetings are needed, and meetings are wasting time and clogging calendars.

Top Use Cases
for On-demand Meetings

Flexible & Effective Meetings

  • 92% of employees consider meetings costly and unproductive.
  • Productivity was 71% higher when meetings were reduced by 40%. 
  • 70% of time savings came from redesigning meetings, not canceling them.

Meetings are essential. Messages and documents have their place, but many things require a meeting. At their best they are highly efficient and uniquely able to support important, complex, and nuanced discussions. On-demand meetings bring them back into balance for the modern world.

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Webinars with 1:1 Engagement

Webinars trade engagement for scale. On-demand webinars sacrifice any engagement for the greatest reach, but live chat and short Q&As of a live webinar aren't much better. Twine turns on-demand webinars into on-demand meetings, achieving the scale of webinars and the personalized engagement of individual sales calls.

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Sales Demos, Personalized & On-demand

Twine lets sales teams scale beyond their current limits, executing the perfect demo - whether it’s a reveal-all deep dive or a targeted teaser - that meets your leads where they are in a way that creates more engagement, not less.

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Faster, More Personal Support at Scale

Providing great customer support is hard. Really hard. And it’s high stakes. Average (or worse) support loses customers and loyalty. Great support is a differentiator that wins deals and builds brands. But great support pulls companies in opposite directions: it needs to be highly available, efficient, and personal, but also scalable and cost effective

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