Support has never been this effective

Cut to the heart of the problem

Step one in customer support is fulling understanding what's going on. This is often a long and painful process (for both sides) in which the customer and support team chip away at the problem over email or phone, trying to feel their way to the problem, and then solution. Async video lets you skip past the stage of groping around in the dark. Instead, Support can see exactly what's happening on the customer's screen and hear them describe the problem with their own words, not try to translate it into text. Likewise, Support can simply show the customer what to do.

Close support cases faster

Reducing the amount of back-and-forth not only makes closing customer support much easier, it also makes it faster. And best of all, unlike live video which ties up a rep for the full duration of the call, async video is scalable like chat and email. Drive up quality while driving down MTTR.

Turn customer problems into loyalty

There are few things as frustrating as something not working when it's supposed to, especially if the timing is critical. But frustrated customers experiencing problem also creates a unique opportunity to turn their support experience into customer satisfaction and loyalty. Companies like Zappos and Rackspace have become industry leaders on the simple premise of incredible support.

Async video puts a human face on the Support interaction, calming customers, helping them feel valued, all while increasing the effectiveness of the support experience at scale.

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