The most important Sales tool since Zoom

Engagement, long after the call ends

Sales is a battle for attention. You're competing with your prospects full-time job, as well as your competitors, for their brain-space and attention. Sales reps work hard to surface and handle objections, to get connect customer pain to value, and keep the deal moving forward to close. Unfortunately, out of sight is out of mind, and friction tends to grind deals to halt.

Video is the most engaging medium

In-person may still be the most persuasive way to sell, but sales reps can't be in person for every interaction. Video is the most engaging medium, it's why we hold sales calls over video instead email or Slack. It's more expressive and more compelling.

Sell smarter, don't cut bait

The most requested item in sales is the recording of the first meeting & demo. This recording is an asset and sending a Zoom or Teams recording is the equivalent of cutting bait, you're losing a line of communication with the customer you could use to reach further into the organization and sink the hook deeper.

Async Meetings create new possibilities

Communicating over Twine, whether it's sending the first meeting & demo recording, providing support for a PoC, or pulling in a VIP (like your CTO or CRO) for a cameo, create all sorts of new possibilities for higher quality engagement, more active communication, and faster deal cycles.

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Async Sales

Sell smarter. Sell faster.

Live meeting recordings

Prospects love first-meeting & demo recordings. Don't miss the opportunity to turn meeting recordings into another channel of communication to continue the conversation.


Async demos create the opportunity to demo more of the product than time in live meetings allow, follow-up with customized demos, and deep-dive with the customer beyond schedule constraints.

Check-ins & Updates

The closer to in-person your communication, the more persuasive you are. Checking-in, providing updates, and following-up over async video offers the convenience of an email with the impact of a live video call.

Pilots & Proof of Concepts

Whether you call it a proof of value, proof of concept, pilot, or trial, the success of the customer using your product will make or break the deal. Don't let questions and frustrations pile up between meetings, address then as they occur asynchronously.

BVAs & Exec Summaries

Quantifying your products value to the customer and showing how it stacks up to the costs is a key tool for closing deals. Turn that summary into a weapon your champion can use to fight on your behalf internally, while keeping you in the loop to objection handle asynchronously.

Quarterly Business Reviews

QBRs are an enormous time investment for the entire sales org. Running QBRs as async meetings allows unprecedented visibility for the entire org while protecting reps and leaders time.

Leverage Leadership

Async meetings allows reps and managers to pull leadership in to consult and strategize on deals without fighting their impossible calendars.

Sales Coaching

Async meetings preserve rep performance for peer or management coaching, ensuring teams are constantly improving.

Training & Enablement

Releasing training and enablement materials to reps as async meetings allows for the quality and interaction of in-person training events remotely and at scale.

How to get started

Send out meeting recordings as Twines

After every prospect and customer meeting, send out the recording as a Twine. If there were any questions you needed to circle back on during the call or additional information you wanted to give, add those as responses to the Twine and keep the conversation going.

Send an async demo

Like email, async meetings aren't a total replacement for live meetings, they're a compliment and critical tool in scaling your communication and sales. Try sending prospects async demos in addition to your live demos that they can view, pass around internally, and engage you with questions on as it fits their schedule, no waiting weeks until everyone has the same availability.

Internal Coaching & Training

Watching an experienced rep or sales engineer crush a sales call or demo is one of the best way for people to learn and improve their own performance. This happened more naturally when we were all sitting together in the office, but it's a piece that's almost disappeared in the remote work world.

Async meetings also give the opportunity for direct coaching feedback from peers, direct managers, coaches, and leadership. And best of all it's in-line so the coach can freeze a moment, share their feedback which is usually of a nuance a text comment couldn't fully capture.

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