Training & Enablement at scale, without compromise

On-demand is flexible and convenient

Distributing training and enablement sessions on-demand allows for easier access and consumption of a distributed and remote workforces. Analytics and polling can give you a better understand of what's sticking, and breaking free of the scheduling and expense of in-person sessions means more responsive, timely content.

Live sessions are far more engaging

But the shift out of the conference room and into the cloud comes at the cost of engagement. There's a world of difference between participating in a live training session and watching a one-way recording that you mostly ignore or multi-task during. In live sessions, the presenter can call on people, the group can role-play, and participants can ask ask questions, give feedback, or clarify material.

Twine captures the best of both

A training held as an async meeting is interactive like a live meeting. Participants aren't just passive viewers, but can interject questions, comments, and threads of conversation can develop organically. At the same time, trainings are on-demand. Like a youtube video, they can be accessed anytime, anywhere, freeing your team from the calendar gridlock and time zone crunch that result from hosting live, remote sessions.

Twines are living and evergreen

Because of the unique way in which Twine spans both the live and on-demand experience, valuable questions don't have to be lost from session to session, but can become part of the training itself, enriching each cohort more than the last.

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Async Training

Train smarter

Live session recordings

There will always be a place for live sessions. Converting them into async meetings once they're over extends their live and create access for those who couldn't attend.

Tool & Product Training

Async trainings for new tools, processes, and products give viewers time to absorb the material as well as an avenue to ask follow up and clarifying question or inquire about edge-cases.


Hold bootcamps online, accommodating the new world of remote work while maintaining the culture and standards of your company.

New-Hire Onboarding

Effective new-hire onboarding is scalable for the business, but human and interactive for the new employee. Missing that balance creates one kind of inefficiency or another.

Compliance Training

Ensuring your workforce up to date and compliant with corporate and industry standards.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

Promote sensitivity and awareness, by disseminating DEI trainings as async meetings that not only inform, but create opportunity for dialogue and interaction of participants.

Competitive Intelligence

Releasing competitive intelligence briefings keeps sales and marketing teams up to date on the competition and gives them an avenue to probe deeper, clarify questions, and explore scenarios.


People consume information differently. Providing trainings as on-demand Twines gives participants the ability to playback something they missed and gives the benefit of audio and video cues in addition to text.

Brown-bag sessions

People are interested in knowing what their coworkers are working on or passionate about, but it's hard to a brown-bag session into an already packed day. Hosting them as async meetings gives everyone the opportunity to watch and participate in the discussion.

How to get started

Choose a video to upload to Twine

Select the video content that you want to host on Twine and uploaded it. It's that simple.

Add people to the training

Add people to the Twine so they get notified. It's jus like adding people to a calendar invite.

Participate in the discussion

Answer questions and engage with the other participants just like you would in a live training session.

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