Re-imagine online chat

Capture attention

User engagement is a battle between value and scalability. Customers want high-value interactions and avoid automatic and low-effort outreach. Business need engagement solutions that scale in order to make a reasonable ROI. Async video offers a new avenue of high-value interaction that is also highly scalable for businesses.

Get more out of each interaction

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth millions. Text-based chat encourages participants to say as little as possible, compared with the ease of expressing thoughts more fully in spoken words. Get a clearer picture of user intent by letting them tell you.

Standout from the crowd

Pop-ups were the preferred mode of advertising online for years. And now study after study has shown that not only do users dislike them, pop-ups have become extremely ineffective because users block them out mentally, exiting them without absorbing their information.

Instant messaging on websites used to be novel, but it's so commonplace now that users notice less and expect a poor, bot-driven interaction instead of a high quality interaction. Async video provides a new, engaging user experience at scale that separates your website from the ocean of others.

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